A Day of Inner Peace & Connection at the Oak Park Fall Fair

The Oak Park Fall Fair is a cherished neighbourhood event in the Oakville community, and we were so happy to be a part of it this year!

Our initiative, 100 Seeds of Joy, aimed at organizing 100+ events for mental health this year, has been met with a lot of success in Burlington and we were so glad to bring it to Burlington’s sister city Oakville too. 

The event and our meditation booth was a resounding success, with more than 200+ people who meditated with us at our booth and found moments of inner peace and joy! Once again, we got confirmation that our programs are fit for all ages – as kids, teenagers, parents, grandparents and more stayed for our meditations and enjoyed it too!

Children as young as 3 years old to adults from various walks of life joined us in our booth. They got to check their own “Energy Tree” and experienced how this inner energy can bring them to a state of peace and balance within. Many also enjoyed organic henna tattoos that were provided by our volunteers as well.

We ran back-to-back meditations from 11 am all the way to 8:30pm. Our volunteers were full of joy and busy bees as we ran the session. 

Our dedicated youth volunteers, Kush and Marina, tirelessly lending their support throughout the event!

In fact, the positive impact of our presence at the Oak Park Fall Fair was immediate, as we hosted our class in Oakville the following Monday, attracting eight new participants who had discovered us at the fair. Parents brought along children and they all enjoyed the class. Our classes in Oakville take place at 7pm on Mondays in Glen Abbey Community Centre in Oakville, Check out our events calendar for more information: our events calendar  

We want to thank the Oak Park Fall Fair organizers for welcoming us as participants. Your support has enabled us to host yet another event, bringing us closer to our target of conducting over 100 mental health events in the Halton region this year!

Our wonderful volunteer team, filled with gratitude for this amazing event!

5 thoughts on “A Day of Inner Peace & Connection at the Oak Park Fall Fair”

  1. This was such an amazing event! We have such a wonderful community here in Halton.
    Kudos to the Oakville fair’s organizers (especially to Carrie and Michelle) that made it happen so smoothly for everyone’s safe enjoyment.
    Also, I want to personally thank to all volunteers from our SYMN (Sahaja Yoga Meditation Network) team for their ‘active & meditative’ love for the community. They were always smiling and sweet, I think we were the last booth standing until right before the movie time. Haha!
    Also thank you to the 100SOJ admin for sharing so fast the first photos and video-clips 🙂

    1. I am really lucky to being a part of this wonderful event.It was a vast experience for me,how people of all ages kept coming with very pure desire to do the mediation,no wonder they also truly enjoyed this event and came to know this simple technique of Sahaja Yoga Meditation. Thanks to all the organizers of this Oakville fair to give us this opportunity.

  2. It gave me a good feeling to see how many community people with different backgrounds came to try our meditation workshop with open heart. Most felt such positive energy and were amazed to find out this is available within them. One very young boy commented that the meditation was “deep”. He was listening to the explanations even after his workshop was done. A teenager loved it and returned with his mom so she would try it too! One person even had tears in her eyes when I mentioned she has to let go of her guilt, then she felt the release and the joy. Many showed interest in joining the free classes that our SYMN team is offering in Halton. I wish I had the opportunity to thank the organizers for this beautiful opportunity. Maybe next time!

  3. I can feel the joy emitting from the event right through these pages. So much pure love for community offered by Sahaja Yoga Meditation Network. Like waves of inner peace. May it spread throughout Burlington and Oakville, Halton and beyond…it’s clear that the relationships built within these cities for the past 18 years here have propelled this wonderful type of effective, life affirming meditation gently into the mainstream. Relationships with the community take time and the event types are customized to various groups, which requires an enlightened discernment. There are so many combinations and permutations to offer self realization ( yoga=connection) in a subtle and easy-to-grasp-way. This wonderful group amazes me with their creativity and pure benevolence for local communities. The Sahaja Yoga Meditation Network aim to spread 100 seeds of joy and are worth inviting to any type of event, where, even the mildly curious participants, are often so surprised how much 5-10 minutes plus can change their lives for the better, forever. It only takes a spark to get that power within flowing. May the force be with all of you! Bravo!

  4. Such an enlightening session. I was there for sometime and it felt so good. Enjoyed the mediation session and the fair overall. Wonderful people and beautifully organized. My child had options to enjoy and have fun too☺️ thankyou everyone 💕

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